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Wendi's 1st priority in office: Get back to the basics and get back to business by listening, understanding, and researching what you as citizens would like St. George City to do for you and what you want St. George City to become.

Some of Wendi's top priorities include: City Morale & Civility, Responsible Growth, Economic Development, Community Spirit, Transparency, Unity, Financial Accountability, Public Safety, City and being careful with smart water management and conservation.

City Morale and Civility:

Wendi is a friend to all. She believes that all voices should be heard, and she is a listener. She realizes that there are complex issues facing the city with multiple possible solutions. Wendi can disagree without being disagreeable and knows that open communication, transparency, and honesty are key to moving St. George forward. Wendi is grounded by core principles but willing to work with anyone to propose bright new ideas and find good solutions.

Economic Development:

Wendi is a collaborator who understands the need for balance between economic growth and the preservation of our community’s culture and character. Everyone has a seat at Wendi’s table. As a member of the City Council, Wendi will be supportive of workforce development, adequate infrastructure, and a business friendly environment that supports the quality of life that we all enjoy.

Business Attraction and Retention:

It’s no surprise that people want to work and live in the city of St. George. We must maintain a business friendly environment that attracts top talent and high paying jobs. Wendi will make it a priority to streamline business permitting processes to reduce barriers to entry in the economy. St. George should be the most business-friendly city where entrepreneurs come to thrive.

Reasonable Growth:

We must take a smart approach to the city’s growth. Wendi understands the need for sensible urban planning that considers the needs of residents, the desire to protect natural resources, and encourage economic growth. Wendi supports mixed use development where appropriate, a walkable and vital downtown, and thriving single-family neighborhoods with a high quality of life.

Parks & Recreation:

Wendi worked in Leisure Services for 13 years next door in Washington City. Wendi is passionate about parks and recreation. Wendi supports the objectives of the Quality of Life Coalition and supports the extension of the GO Bond to maintain and repair current assets, and to build new facilities to accommodate our rapid growth.

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Public Safety:

Wendi will always support our law enforcement and first responders; she is married to one! Our first responders need adequate support, equipment, and training to keep our community safe. Wendi will always fund law enforcement. As a collaborator, Wendi will help foster good relations between our police and members of our community.

Community Spirit | Community Engagement | Preserving City Heritage & Traditions:

We are the luckiest people in the world to live in Utah’s Dixie. Wendi’s great grandparents were some of the early pioneers to settle in Washington County and the Dixie Spirit runs deep through her veins. Wendi will support public-private partnerships to promote and share the heritage, legacy, and traditions that make our community so great! Wendi wants to create specific community engagement events just for residents which will help all of us connect and foster relationships.

Transparency | Financial Accountability:

The City Council is responsible for passing an annual budget. Wendi will make sure that every penny of taxpayer money is accounted for. Wendi supports prudent and balanced budgets, and will strive to bring increased transparency to government spending. Wendi will prioritize funding for crucial government functions and make cuts where government spending is wasteful. Wendi strongly believes in the proper role of government and she will strive to avoid gridlock & improve efficiency within St. George City.

Attainable Housing:

Zoning restrictions and impractical impact fees are contributors to a housing market that is leaving many of our residents behind. Our school teachers, first responders, hospitality workers, and healthcare professionals need a place to live. Our zoning laws should make sense and allow for mixed use where appropriate. The private sector and government should work together to find sensible solutions to our housing problems.

Smart Water Management:

Wendi understands the need to both conserve water and find additional resources. Wendi is supportive of a regional water reuse system and will work closely with the County Water Conservancy District to make this system a reality. Our community cannot grow without water. Wendi is supportive of smart water conservation measures that make sense and are not overbearing. She is in support of Washington County's new 20 year plan.


The city of St. George must invest in transportation infrastructure that moves traffic, ensures safety, and allows for active transportation like biking, running, and walking. A well-connected and efficient transportation system is essential for our growing community. Our walkable downtown and trail system take cars off the road and improve air quality.

Wendi wants to get back to business and back to the basics! She will put in the time to listen and care for the residents of St. George City. Wendi doesn't have any personal agendas for running.I understand that she is representing her constituents and that her role in City Council is to work hard to represent your viewpoints and be YOUR Voice!

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